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New gym rules.

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New gym rules.

Post by R083RT 0WN5 on Fri Jul 23, 2010 12:47 am

All right, here are the rules of the new gyms.

-No Ubers, no legends.*
-EV trained Pokemon are allowed.
-All gym leader's pokemon and the challengers must be part of the type of the gym ( ex. Rock gym= Rock-types, and Rock-Water, Rock-Ground, etc.)
-Sleep clause and evasion clause allowed.
-After a gym leader battles someone, the others have to wait at least 3 days before another challenge can be made, whether the leader wins or loses. If a new leader is chosen, the others still must wait 3 days minimum.
-Free battles, Lv. 50 battles, and Lv. 100 battles are all permitted, the leader and the challenger must both agree on the type of battle.
-No hacked Pokemon
-If the challenger wins, the leader and the challenger both must PM me saying who won and who lost. If one of them is caught lying they could be removed of their gym title or not be able to challenge again for 3 days, depending on the person. They will then either give up their title as leader or give a badge. Unfortunately, there might not be badges because I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER of how to make them.
-If the challenger loses, the leader gets 3 days off to recover from the battle before another challenge. The challenger can still challenge other gyms.
-If a challenger challenges a gym, the leader and challenger have to battle within 1 week. If the leader does not respond, the challenger wins by default. However, if the challenger is the one who does not respond, the challenge is off.
-The gym leader may decide if the battle is single battle, double, etc.
-The leader and challenger must at least have 4 pokemon.
-These rules may be changed at a reasonable request.

*= Phione, Rotom, and Spiritomb don't exactly count as legends, so they may be used.

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